The NEW Sigma 60-600F4.5-6.3 OS Sport!

Recently I made a post about the Red Bull AirRace, and teaching a photo workshop/expedition with Roberts, Sigma, and Benro.  What I didn’t mention is that at the race Sigma had planned on having me demo their NEW Sigma 60-600F4.5-6.3OS Sport for feedback/Review. Unfortunately, the lens didn’t make it in time due to problems in…Read More

The Red Bull Air Race with Sigma, Benro, and Roberts Camera!

The last two years I have been very fortunate to have been invited to lead a photo workshop/expedition to the Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis Indiana on the behalf of Roberts Camera, Sigma Photo, and this year Benro.  Last year was the first time we did the excursion and it was a big hit!  This year…Read More

The NEW Sigma 105F1.4….

Recently I had the opportunity to review a long-awaited lens from Sigma. The NEW Sigma 105F1.4, modeled after the Nikon 105F1.4 offering announced in 2016.  Since then almost everybody has been jealous of the Nikon’s sharpness and aperture at the close to telephoto 105mm focal length (everyone except Nikon shooters of course who could just buy…Read More

Home Studios…

One of the biggest difficulties in practicing or doing photography can be the amount of time and space that it takes to accomplish your goal.  Sure, anybody can grab a camera and happy snap themselves into some potentially nice photos, but sometimes you want to do more, get better, and have a result nicer than…Read More

5 years…

5 years ago to this day I started this crazy journey as a full-time freelance photographer.  It’s hard for me to believe that I have made it this far, and I am humbled at the amount of support that I have had with friends, family, and those in the photo community, on top of the…Read More

The NEW Elinchrom ELB500ttl…

Welcome back!  I have an exciting blog for you this installment, and since I’ve been silent for so long I think everyone deserves it.  This blog is about a NEW Light from Elinchrom, the Elinchrom ELB500ttl.  Exactly as the name suggests the light is 500ws of power with TTL and High Speed Sync and for…Read More

World Backup Day…

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about World Backup Day.  (read about it here).  Now, a few years later I think it’s about time that this topic is revisited as we once again land on World Backup Day.  If you don’t back up your work in at least two places; you should. …Read More

A 1 Pound Baby…

At the end of last year, I had an incredible opportunity to meet and photograph a miracle.  This miracle was named Juniper and when she was born (6.5 years before the time of this writing) she weighed only 1 pound.  She was the size and weight of a Squirrel, or so I am told.  Here…Read More

Hockey Photography Workshop Recap…

About a month ago was my yearly Hockey Photography workshop with Roberts Camera education and as usual, it was a blast! We had a group of 16 and after the usual short class about strategy and autofocus, followed by an introduction to the rink and all the various spots available the group set out to do…Read More

Hey Now…You’re an All Star….

A few weeks ago I got an exciting email from a guy named Craig who was asking for information and availability in regards to documenting the EHCL Hockey All Star game which was being hosted here in Indianapolis.  Craig works for the Hockey Hall of fame out of Toronto Canada and they needed all kinds…Read More