A Couple of Holiday Sigmas….. The NEW 56F1.4 DC and 40F1.4 Art!

Welcome back to the end of another year on this disk globe called Earth.  As we approach the holidays some photographers speed up, with all the talk of Santa and all kinds of Christmas events and such, photographing people with Holiday Cheer and or just photographing the aforementioned Claus himself.  I, however, tend to start slowing down a…Read More

The NEW Nikon Z7…

This blog may seem a little-delayed considering that there is a lot of press out now about the NEW Nikon Z7 out already, and the Nikon Z6 should have shipped and be in the hands of folks by the time you read this, but I felt as though the first week of having the Nikon…Read More

The NEW Sigma 60-600F4.5-6.3 OS Sport!

Recently I made a post about the Red Bull AirRace, and teaching a photo workshop/expedition with Roberts, Sigma, and Benro.  What I didn’t mention is that at the race Sigma had planned on having me demo their NEW Sigma 60-600F4.5-6.3OS Sport for feedback/Review. Unfortunately, the lens didn’t make it in time due to problems in…Read More

The Red Bull Air Race with Sigma, Benro, and Roberts Camera!

The last two years I have been very fortunate to have been invited to lead a photo workshop/expedition to the Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis Indiana on the behalf of Roberts Camera, Sigma Photo, and this year Benro.  Last year was the first time we did the excursion and it was a big hit!  This year…Read More