The NEW Sigma 24-70F2.8OS…

Hello once again and welcome to this installment of, “The Blog”.  Yea, I say that and I hope you hear Jeremy Clarkson’s voice reading it but it’s likely you will not.  I was hoping to have another educational post like my water Polo one between this blog and the last Sigma review, but alas it…Read More

The NEW Sigma 100-400F5-6.3OS….

So here we are again with the latest Sigma creation.  This time we are going a little different direction as we have a bit different of a lens.  As a full time Pro, I find myself lugging big and heavy glass around to get the best image quality possible while shooting my assignments (Sigma as…Read More

Shooting Water Polo…

As a freelance photographer you have to manage your email and telephone almost as much as you have to take photos.  As a one man operation it can get to be quite a project to say the least.  Every now and then you get a really cool opportunity though to shoot something new or a…Read More

The NEW Sigma 135F1.8 ART….

So here we are once again in the continuing tradition of pushing the latest and greatest Sigma lenses through their paces to give you real world impressions of how these lenses will work and function on a day to day basis as a freelance photographer.  This time we have Sigma’s NEW 135F1.8 which competes directly…Read More